Bitter Melon Extract
  • Bitter Melon Extract

    Bitter Melon Extract

  • Latin Name: Momordica charantia

    CAS No.: 90063-94-8

    Molecular forula: C42H62O16

    Molecular Weight: 822.92

    Active ingredients: Charantin

    Specification: 10%

    Use Part : Fruit

    Appearance: Brown fine powder

    Mesh size: 80 mesh

    Test Method: UV


The plant Momordicacharantia belongs to the family of cucuritaceae and is commonly known as bitter melon. The young tender fruit is edible. Because of the taste it acquires the fame painstakingly. It is native to tropical parts of Asia, and widely distributed in the subtropics, the tropics and the  warm temperate zone. The bitter melon is rich in Vitamin B, C, the calcium, the iron and so on. Li Shi Zhen, the medical scientist in China’s Ming Dynasty, said that the bitter melon had the effect of" eliminating the evil heat, alleviating fatigue, purifying the mind, clearing the vision, tonifying qi and fortifying yang ". According to the modern research discovery, it can lower blood sugar obviously. It has certain curative effect to diabetes. It has certain effects to viral diseases and cancer. 


1.Lowering blood sugar fast;

2.Preventing and improving diabetes complication;

3.regulating blood fats and reinforce;

4.Improving insulin function and releasability ;

5.Supporting healthy blood sugar levels and blood pressure;

6.The fat murderer,which can ingest the fat and lower the polysaccharide;

7.Treatning pyreticosis, polydipsia, summerheat stroke, high fever and pain;  carbuncle, erysipelas malignant apthae, diabetes and Aids.



1. Bitter melon  applied in food field, adding hops when brewing beer, due to its 

volatile oil    so it has fragrant odor, and having antiseptic effect;

2. Bitter melonapplied in health product field, to be made into capsule can effective

 relieve the tension of menopause, upset, anxiety and other symptoms;

3.Bitter melon applied in pharmaceutical field, for the treatment of acute tuberculous 

exudative pleurisy, tuberculosis and tuberculoid leprosy.

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