Neohesperidine/Citrus aurantium extract
  • Neohesperidine/Citrus aurantium extract

    Neohesperidine/Citrus aurantium extract

  • Latin Name: Citrus aurantium var. amara

    Specifaction: 95%, 98%

    Appearance: Off-White Powder 
    Part Used: Fruit

    Active Ingredients: Neohesperidin

    Molecular Formula: C28H34O15

    Molecular Weight: 610.56

    CAS NO: 13241-33-3

    Test Method: HPLC

    Place of Origin: China(Mainland)


Citrus aurantium L. is young fruit of lime. It is ball-shaped with diameter 0.3 ~ 3cm, dark-green or gray-green appearance, covered with oil maculae and farrow with some yellow-white flecks. It has strong aroma. It tastes bitter at first, and then a little acid. The active ingredient is Neohesperidine.

Neohesperidin is a bitter, white to almost white powder. Melting points is at 236~237°C. It is easily soluble in hot water, hot ethanol, but insoluble in ether.


1. Lose weight

2. Mild stimulant

3. Gastrointestinal system discomfort

4. Sterilization function


1. As an active ingredient in dietary supplements

2. As an active ingredient in OTC and pharmaceutical field

3. As Pro-material of Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone

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