Berberine Hydrochloride
  • Berberine Hydrochloride

    Berberine Hydrochloride

  • CAS number: 633-65-8

    Specification: 98%

    Chemical formular: C20H18CN4

    Molecular weight: 371.81



Berberine hydrochloride is a conventional component in Chinese medicine, and is characterized by a diversity of pharmacological effects. However, due to its hydrophobic properties, along with poor stability and bioavailability, the application of berberine hydrochloride was hampered for a long time. In recent years, the pharmaceutical preparation of berberine hydrochloride has improved to achieve good prospects for clinical application, especially for novel nanoparticulate delivery systems. Moreover, anticancer activity and novel mechanisms have been explored, the chance of regulating glucose and lipid metabolism in cancer cells showing more potential than ever. Therefore, it is expected that appropriate pharmaceutical procedures could be applied to the enormous potential for anticancer efficacy, to give some new insights into anticancer drug preparation in Chinese medicine. 



1. Berberine Hydrochloride Removing heat and damp, relieving fire and eliminating toxins; 

2.A Berberine Hydrochloride nti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, and antigens worm;
3. Berberine Hydrochloride has obvious inhibition to influenza viruses
4.Relaxing vascular smooth muscle, and anti diarrhea.
5. Berberine Hydrochloride Resisting arrhythmia, lowering presue, and regulating blood level
6. Berberine Hydrochloride Cholagogue, Berberine Hydrochloride can increase bile secreted;

1.Pharmaceutical as capsules or pills;
2.Functional food as capsules or pills;
3.Water-soluble beverages;
4.Health products as capsules or pills. 



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