• Evodiamine


  • Product name: Evodiamine

    Active ingredient:Evodiamine

    Botanical source: Evodia rutaecarpa(Juss.) Benth.

    Biogenic origin: Wild in central and southern China

    CAS NO.: 518-17-2

    Specification:10%-98% Evodiamine

    Molecular formula: C19H17N3O

    Molecular Weight: 303.36

    Characters:White or pale yellow crystalline powder.

    Solubility: Easily soluble in acetone, little soluble in methanol,ethanol,etc. no soluble in water.

    Usage: Pharmaceuticals, healthcares,and cosmetics


Evodiamine is a chemical which is extracted from the Evodia spp family of plants which has been shown to reduce fat uptake in mouse studies. Its method is believed to be similar to capsaicin, but retains none of the "hot" taste.Evodiamine

may interact with UCP1, which is a thermogenic protein that allows energy to be burned as heat.Evodiamine has analgesic, lowers blood pressure and induces a significant rise of body temperature effects.The clinical utility of this product is to produce medical gents for diuretics and sweat.


1.Evodiamine with analgesia, lowering blood pressure and body temperature rise and other pharmacological effects.

2.Evodiamine has stomachic, stop retching,oxyrygmia effect anddiuretic effect.

3.Evodiamine has a strong inhibitory effect on E.coli; and a significant insecticidal effect on ascarissuum;

4.Evodiamine also can shrink the uterus and boost the pressure.

5.Besides,evodiamine also has a good effect on Alzheimer's disease and stroke.


1.Pharmaceutical stuff

2.Functional food and food additive

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