Acerola cherry juice powder
  • Acerola cherry juice powder

    Acerola cherry juice powder

  • Acerola cherry juice powder

    Botanical Source: Malpighia glabra 

    Used Part: Fruit

    Specification:juice powder

    Appearance: light yellow fine powder

    Test Method: TLC

    Bulk density: 0.35-0.75g/mL

    Moisture: <8%

    Ash: <8%


This cherry powder can be incorporated into drinks, desserts and sauces. Use cherry powder to make: smoothies, milkshakes, lollies, jelly, flavouring yoghurt or ice-cream, coulis and sponges. It is also an ideal consistency for dusting onto puddings.
To rehydrate, use 1 part cherry powder to 2 parts cold water.
This powder is 100% pure fruit and therefore some natural clumping and caking will occur. Some other powders can contain anti-caking agents such as maltodextrin. We prefer to supply a 100% fruit powder. These clumps do not affect the flavour or quality of the product. If necessary the powder can be passed through a sieve or broken down with the back of a clean spoon if you need to use it as a dry sprinkle.

1. Cherry contains much iron, with the function of anti-anemia and promoting blood generating;
2. Cherry can control the measles, children drinking cherry juice to prevent infection;
3. Cherry can treat burn, it has good analgesic effect, which will prevent blister and fester in wounds;
4. Treatment of limb heartless joint flexion and extension negative, frostbite and other symptoms.

1. Applied in food field, it is usually used as food and drinks additive;
2. Applied in health product field;
3. Applied in cosmetic field, as a kind of raw material, it can mix;
4. Natural cosmetics.


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