Cactus Extract
  • Cactus Extract

    Cactus Extract

  • Product Name: Cactus Extract

    Botanical source:Opuntia dillenii Haw, Opuntia Ficus Indica L

    Parts of plant used: Leaf;

    Appearance: Yellow brown powder;

    Grade:  Food grade;

    Product Content: 10:1 20:1 50:1 100:1

    Test Method: HPLC UV
    Packaging Detail: 25kgs/drum.
    Shelf Life: 2 years 


Cactus contains a molecule that is similar to glucose, only much stronger. The scientists believe that this molecule in catus 'fools' the body into believing that cactus has just eaten. The result of eating cactus is thus a complete lack of appetite. Because of this property, western countries have claimed that cactus is the new miracle diet ingredient.


Cactus has been used as an appetite suppressant and thirst hoodia cactus become a hot solution for safe all natural stimulant free weight loss and a well known appetite suppressant.


1.It have an effect on protection of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.                

2.It can anti mutagenesis and anti-cancer .

3.It have antilipemic effect.

4.It can anti-leukemia.

5.It have  immunity regulative effect.

6.It can lowof blood sugar.


1.It is applied in food filed.
2.It is applied in pharmaceutical field.
3.It is applied in cosmetic field.

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