Yucca Extract As Additive In Pet Food

Yucca Extract As Additive In Pet Food

  • Yucca is a species that mainly distributed in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico desert. Yucca plant extract was extracted with organic solvent of ethanol by refluxing extraction, concentration, and then after two-phase extraction.

    In recent years, domestic yucca market has become more mature, as a human food additives and animal feed additives, yucca are more and more accepted by the manufacturers in the united states and Europe and other developed countries. With the development of scientific progress, scientists have get from yucca plant extract of the material (e.g. Yucca saponin) a special physiological structure, the substance have strong resistance to harmful gases, which can be widely used as additives in the livestock, pet feed production and food production.

    Obviously as a pet food yucca plant extract is also a very good additive. The main components are some saponins and sugar complexes. Because of its special physiological structure, yucca plant extract is widely used in pet foods.

    So what's the role of yucca extract as an additive in pet food?

    1. Reduce pet harmful emissions. In recent research, the wild imported plant linfenglan (a species of yucca) contains two kinds of polyphenols, these two substances have extremely important biological functions, such as the combination of ammonia, inhibition of urinary enzymes, anti-oxidation, anti-virus, anti-inflammatory and other unique features, by inhibiting the activity of urinary enzymes, and by promoting the absorption of peptides and amino acids to reduce the possibility of degradation of amino acids, thereby significantly reducing the pet in vivo endogenous ammonia production.

    2. Increase pet's absorption of protein. A large number of literature confirmed that pet food with the composition of yucca plant extract, after serum protein concentration detection found that compared with the ordinary pet food, the serum protein concentration have been significantly increased for pets that have eat yucca extract ingredients, in other words, pet food that have add yucca plant extract is more conducive to animal protein absorption, also improved the efficiency of pet food utilization.

    3. Increase disease resistance for dogs and cats. Yucca extract have the function of thicken the intestinal mucosa in dogs and cats, which can control the invasion of certain viruses and inhibit the absorption of harmful bacteria in the digestive tract. But also can reduce the concentration of ammonia in the blood of dogs and cats, to avoid neurological disorders. Yucca plant extract can reduce the irritant gas concentration to reduce respiratory disease.

    4. As a pet food flavor enhancer. Because of its special effect yucca plant extract has long been used as carbonated beverage blowing agent and food flavor enhancer in the food industry, can enhance the pet food fragrance, stimulate the pet appetite, and improve pet food palatability and resistance to mouth.

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