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Xian Natural Nutrients Co,.Ltd is specializing in the production of plant extracts.

We refine the active ingredients from the plants, making them into powders, which are easily stored and transported. The high concentrated powders are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, beverages, cosmetics, food supplements, health food and other industries.

Our professional team serve the customers all over the world. Especially in Europe and North America market, our products completely conform to the standards and regulations of the local market.


We firmly believe that the sources of the raw materials play important role to the quality of the final products. We control every step of the processes strictly, from cultivating, harvesting, extracting to package, ensure all operations confirm with the standards.

Our factory is located in Sanyuan, Xian Yang, shaanxi province. We constructed the workshop refer to the GMP standards. It covers an area of more than 131 acres, equipped with 4 sets of 6 cubic low temperature heat reflux extraction unit, has a complete extraction, concentration, column chromatography, spray drying production line 4, three production workshop (2500 ㎡) and 2 clean workshop (2500 ㎡), can release 7000 tons of plant material, to extract 200 tons, can meet the production of more products.

Our laboratory has a strong scientific research team. In order to provide accurate test results efficiently, the lab is equipped with high performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, spectrophotometer, atomic absorption spectrometry, rotation, automatic titrator, bod incubator, chemical oxygen demand (cod) incubator, melting point instrument, etc.


Warmly welcome to visit our office and factory.



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